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About Emergency LocatOR

Our innovative Emergency Responder Locator Light is designed with the following features:


  1. Visibility & Attention-Grabbing: Two red flashing light visible from at least 250 feet away captures immediate attention. Its dual, adjustable light heads can be pointed towards either side of the street, ensuring your location is instantly recognizable.

  2. Easy Installation: The light is battery-powered, requiring no electrical wiring. It can be easily mounted high for optimal visibility.

  3. User-Friendly Activation: The switch, conveniently located at arm's level, ensures easy activation even by children. This consistent location aids dispatchers in guiding you to it in high-stress situations.

  4. Maintenance-Friendly: Batteries are easily accessible for replacement, located conveniently with the switch at arm's length.

  5. Weatherproof: Crafted to withstand all weather conditions, our light is a reliable tool for emergencies.

Our locator light is a solution crafted from careful consideration of the challenges at hand, designed to optimize emergency response times effectively

Emergency Locator Light - Design_29775931_1.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far can the lights be seen?
    The locator lights are visible from at least 250 feet away.
  • Is it easy to install?
    Yes, it is battery-powered, requiring no electrical wiring, and can be easily mounted high for optimal visibility.
  • Is it weather-resistant?
    Absolutely! Our light is designed to withstand all weather conditions.
  • How do I replace the batteries?
    The batteries are easily accessible at arm's length, making replacement a breeze.
  • When will I receive the product?
    The emergency locator will start shipping out in spring 2024.
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